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 Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez




1. The "Extraordinary!" - A Peek Into Paradise!!! (Mini-Series Part One)

2.  The "Extraordinary!" - What Is A Paradisaical World? (Mini-Series Part Two)

3.  The Extraordinary! What Kind Of Music Exists On A Paradisiacal World? (Mini-Series Part Three)

4.  The Extraordinary!” “Is Telepathy A Gift Or A Right? (Mini-Series Part Four)

5.  "Extraordinary!” “What And Where Is Heaven And Hell? (Mini-Series Part Five)

6.  Extraordinary! Project Blue Beam - Are The Christians Correct? Maybe Not...Quite (Mini-Series Part Six)

7.  "Extraordinary" - Is Love Really Just Enough To Bring In Paradise For All? (Mini-Series Part Seven)




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